Semen-XTR Ingredients

Arginine increases production of nitric oxide in the body what triggers increased blood flow (vasodilation) – mainly in the penis and so that way to create better erections. L-Arginine has been around since the beginning of last century known as a erectiebevorderende substance, but its operation is too short to be of great importance in medical or therapeutic applications. Therefore its end researchers in the last decades thanks to some innovative discoveries to come to L-Arginine to combine with molecules that secrete the fabric slowly.
The new molecule is a good carrier of the substance through which the erectiebevorderende effect of L-Arginine can finally exploit, because it now remains active longer in the body. This one is there for the first time managed to L-Arginine on a successful way to let it soak on the nitrogen oxide production of the body. This technique guarantees the successful operation of all sperm volume pills on both the libido, fertility, sperm production as the sexual stamina or potency.
Studies have shown that L-arginine the sperm and seed volume more than quadruples, and greatly improves fertility. This substance brings an improvement of the dexterity and an increase in the number of fertile sperm cells in the ejaculate, even in people who naturally from a lower sperm count in the seed. Also the condition of the sperm and the activity of the sperm cells improves, while the sperm volume more than quadruples. Arginine also has some anti-catabolic effects, like glutamine. Both substances are used by bodybuilders to stay in shape when one a period can not work out. Arginine not only increases the blood flow but it also stimulates the formation of new blood cells, and this not only in the penis but throughout the body.

This herb grows in remote Highlands, and is better known under the names "Yin Yang Huo" or "Horny Goat weed." Recent scientific research has proven that this herb has a direct influence on the production of sperm and works as a potent tool. This plant is already more than 2000 years successfully used in traditional Chinese medicine to the sex life.
Yin Yang Huo relieves discomforts of menopause, increases sexual desires, it strengthens the erectile function in order to get an erection, and also reduces the fatigue. This Botanical libido booster also increases testosterone production which significantly more seed is produced.
More information about the benefits of this herb can be found at: Health discovery – Horny Goat Weed and on: Foods'n herbs: Yin Yang Huo.

This substance is extracted from the bark of the Catuaba tree and is the most famous and powerful of the aphrodisiacs from the Brazilian rain forest. A number of well-known old Brazilian spells prove the effect of this substance on male potency, and the beneficial effect on male impotence due to aging. It is known as stimulant for the central nervous system with a strong aphrodisiace. It is applied against sexual impotence, nervousness, insomnia, tired nerves and pains, reduced memory and forgetfulness. More specifically, Catuaba very effective in fighting sexual weakness due to impotence of the male sex organs. It is a harmless aphrodisiac for both men and women, without any pathogenic or adverse side effects.
Catuaba is in European and American alternative medicine for years, used to the libido to gain strength, to stimulate the nervous system, General and sexual reduce fatigue, and as tonic for the genital features. Catuaba is a very nutrient-rich source for the entire male sex organ. It increases sexual lust and performance in both men and women, but the most pronounced effect is set in the grounds of male impotence. There is also still no single report found that would show that this aphrodisiac substance would cause side effects, even after prolonged use.
More information about catuaba (other names: cataguá, chuchuhuasha, tatuaba, pau de reposta, caramuru, piratançara, angelim-rosa) can be found on this link rainforest plants – Catuaba.

These seeds, and the mainly the oil they contain are successfully used since antiquity against symptoms of infertility, depression and reduced libido. Seeds of pumpkins contain some very stimulating properties that are very beneficial work for the prostate as well as for the hormonal production. The oil of these seeds contain include calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, folate and vitamins such as niacin.
Recent research shows that these seeds also reduce hormonal damage to the prostate cells, and as a protection against prostate cancer. Pumpkin seeds are also used to treat infections urninale. The oil-rich seeds are also used as a remedy against depression, and are effective in the treatment of learning disabilities. Pumpkin seed oil is used for decades in the treatment of prostatitis.
More information about the successful use of this PIPs in urology can be found on this link:HealthMD – Pumpkin Seeds or in this article on aphrodisiac pumpkin.

Studies showed that these zinc-oxide connection increases the sperm count and motility of the sperm with 80% to even 200% can improve by the positive stimulation of testosterone synthesis.

This amino acid is found in high concentrations in healthy sperm. It has been proved that this brings about a significant increase in the proportion of very mobile sperm cells in the ejaculate. The properties of this amino acid increase fertility.

A South American herb that grows in the high plains of the Andes, also known under the name "Peruvian Ginseng". This very nutrient-dense plant is already since before the Incas used as a stimulant for fertility in humans and animals. The Spanish conquerors were so impressed by the stimulating effect of Maca that several reports on Maca herb were made, and one of the most important trading products of the original residents were. It is rich in sugar, proteins and essential nutrients such as iron and iodine.
In modern herbal medicine is this energetic plant applied against weakened immunity, tuberculosis, menstrual discomfort, menopause symptoms, stomach cancer, sterility, reduced virility and other sexual deviations. In the last decades by several large us authorities praised Maca because of its strong stimulant property on the sexual performance. It enhances and stimulates the production of sperm, and the sperm also makes the more animated.
Maca is a strong aphrodisiacs and has a regulating effect on the hormonal balance. Maca increases so the libido, it promotes the potency and fertility, and strengthened as aphrodisiacs sexual performance.
More information about the composition and healing effects of Maca can be found on: Maca Lepidium meyenii.

Research has shown that this amino acid, in combination with zinc, the number of produced sperm cells increases and also stimulates the production of testosterone.

Semen-Xtr contains even more unique ingredients that were specifically chosen for their stimulating effect on the production of sperm and seminal fluid, their nourishing effect on the male reproductive organ, as well as combining their beneficial effect on the duration of other ingredients.