Sperm Production & libido increasing - Semen-Xtr 120 capsules

New Sperm Production & libido increasing - Semen-Xtr 120 capsules

Semen-Xtr Sperm Production & libido increasing 1 month cure

Seme-Xtr increases semen production up to 5 x and sexual sensations like lust feelings and orgasm are strengthened. Thanks to a stimulating and nourishing effect of ingredients on the production organs is also the virility and fertility of the semen you produce of a better quality.

Semen-Xtr also improves the taste and smell of your semen.

Already after a few days of use the semen is healthier, more fluid and more enjoyable in color and flavor. After a few weeks you produce a quantity of semen that is up to five times!

Semen-Xtr is also a means to increase the potency and libido and Semen-Xtr helps against a premature ejaculation and prolong the duration of sex.Striking features are also enhanced ejaculation strength and increased sensation during orgasm. After some days use you can already produce more and healthier sperm in each ejaculation.

Semen-Xtr is effective at more than 95% of the men.

Not only the volume semen, but also the quality improves, as well as the potency and libido. Semen-Xtr also makes the smell, taste and appearance of the semen produced significantly more enjoyable

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